Introducing CASPer Snapshot

A new video response tool for the CASPer platform


CASPer Snapshot is a short video response tool that provides additional information about your applicants to aid in your admissions process.

It mimics an informal interview setting, where applicants have the opportunity to respond to interview-style questions by recording a video. Their answers will give you insight into their communication and interpersonal skills, and their personality.

CASPer Snapshot is delivered on the same platform as the CASPer Test. When an applicant creates a CASPer Test account, they will automatically have access to CASPer Snapshot. During the preview release in this upcoming admissions cycle, there will be no additional cost for CASPer Snapshot to the applicant or your program.

Admissions Funnel

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Benefits to including CASPer Snapshot

CASPer Snapshot is intended to be completed by all of your initial or secondary applicants just like the CASPer Test. By collecting this additional information you will be able to:

  • Review applicants responding to 3 interview-style questions on video prior to inviting them in for a full in-depth interview, ideally increasing the likelihood of bringing in stronger candidates. 
  • Since most interviews are going to be delivered virtually this year, you are provided with a "snapshot" look into how an applicant may fair on video.
  • Often times, committees have a difficult time deciding between a small group of applicants for the last few spots, CASPer Snapshot can offer an additional piece of information to help "tie break".

What you and your applicants can expect:

  • Applicants can complete CASPer Snapshot at any time, but only once.
  • Applicants are asked 3 questions. The questions will probe their motivation, career goals, and what they are passionate about. The questions will also include an opinion piece asking applicants to form an opinion, hoping to see how they form and deliver an argument about a topic presented. 
  • They are given 2 minutes to record each response.
  • Your program and selected reviewers will be able to access the video responses by signing on to our portal platform. You will be able to view the video responses, assign reviewers to subsets of applicants, and assign scores to the responses in order to help you in your admissions decisions.

Interested in using CASPer Snapshot?